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Our equity crowdfunding campaign is live on PledgeMe. Buy shares in Collett's Corner

The opportunity

Over 340 everyday people came together last year to make Collett’s Corner New Zealand’s first community minded, equity crowdfunded commercial property development. This is your opportunity to join us. The minimum investment is one share ($120).

Why should I invest?

Collett’s Corner combines financial return, tangible ownership in a prominent and sought-after Lyttelton property and social impact. The building will generate income for investors through renting the ground floor and basement.

When is this happening?

The building is now designed and consented. Construction begins in 2022 and the doors are planned to open in 2023. You can buy shares in Collett’s Corner Limited through our second Equity Crowdfunding campaign launching on 23 September 2020.

Project Updates

Property development is an iterative process. We share regular updates about the project as it progresses through the various stages. The benefit of this approach is that you get to see behind the scenes as we share the key decisions and steps. As well there are regular opportunities for you to share with us your insights so that we can advance the design together. If you would like to receive updates please register your interest on the contact page. If you missed any of the previous updates, below is a complete list.


  • Lytteltonions (people that work, live or own property in the Harbour Basin)

  • Investors in Collett's Corner (public register of all shareholders)

  • Collett's Corner residents

  • Future tenants and business owners

Stages of Development

  • Listening & Ideation Phase: July - December 2017
    Workshops, surveys and interviews to gather ideas from the local Lyttelton community.

  • Scoping Phase: January - May 2018
    Community feedback on options, feasibility report completed and open design competition initiated.

  • Concept Design: June - September 2018
    Open design competition voted on by the public.

  • Preliminary Design: October 2018 - February 2019
    Design team assembled, business plan created, early investment raised, integrated feedback from community and Council sough, associated design changes made, drawings for resource consent and resident and tenant brochures completed.

  • Equity Crowdfunding #1: February - March 2019
    Raised $503,800 from 345 everyday people across Aotearoa. 

  • Resource Consent and Pre-Construction: March 2019 - March 2020
    Resource consent granted, bank funding indicative terms defined, contractor and architect selected, cost plan updated and design team consultants identified in preparation for next phase.

  • Covid-19 Pause: April - July 2020
    The project was paused to meet lockdown requirements and out of consideration for people’s safety.

  • Equity Crowdfunding #2: August - October 2020
    Kiwis can purchase shares in Collett's Corner Ltd, which will own the ground floor and basement. 

  • Pre-Construction: November 2020 - December 2020
    Complete drawings and plans for construction, obtain building consent, pre-sell apartments and lease commercial spaces, secure construction loan.

  • Construction Phase: January 2022 - May 2023
    Complete the base build and fit out.

  • Opening: June 2023
    Residents take ownership of the apartments and move in, building tenants move into leased space. Celebration!

Useful Documents

  • Collett's Corner Constitution Collett's Corner Ltd is a for purpose company, which means the directors are bound to serve the purpose as set out in our constitution. 

  • Shareholder Register Collett's Corner has 3500 shareholders, together we are investing in the change we want to see happen.

  • Share transfer form If you are an existing shareholder and you want to transfer your shares this is the form you need to fill in. 

A building owned by the community for the community

Buy shared in Collett's Corner and join everyday people taking ownership. The second and final investment round is open from 23 September -  29 October 2020

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Investment Memorandum

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