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Collett's Corner is wrapping up.

The site is for sale.




  • Harbour views

  • Typically 40m²

  • Lock up and leave

  • Fully equipped with appliances

  • Juliet balcony

  • Combined bedroom and living space Built-in wardrobe

  • Three colour scheme options

  • Short and long term rental options

  • Shared ownership of first and second floor patios and rooftop terrace

One Bedroom


  • Harbour or Port Hill views

  • Typically 46m²

  • Lock up and leave

  • Fully equipped with appliances

  • Juliet balcony

  • Built-in wardrobe

  • Three colour scheme options

  • Short and long term rental options

  • Shared ownership of first and second floor patios and rooftop terrace

Two Bedroom


  • Harbour or Port Hill views

  • Typically 75m²

  • Lock up and leave

  • Fully equipped with appliances

  • Two bedrooms with ensuites

  • Juliet balcony

  • Four built-in wardrobes

  • Three colour scheme options

  • Short and long term rental options

  • Shared ownership of first and second floor patios and rooftop terrace

Apartment level plans


Are you interested in becoming
a resident at Collett's Corner?

We’re delighted to guide you through the process below.

Step 1
Have a good read of this brochure as well as the documents provided in the information package.


Step 2

If you’re interested in purchasing an apartment, contact us to arrange an informal meeting. It’s a chance for us to get to know one another and to answer any questions you may have about living at Collett’s Corner.


Step 3

If we are all in agreement that you are a good fit, you will be invited to purchase an apartment. To secure an apartment we need a signed S&P agreement and a 10% deposit.


We welcome your enquires. For questions about the apartments please get in touch with Camia Young: or 021 1125 087.

A place to call home

How we choose to live impacts our daily lives and the environment around us. At Collett’s Corner the apartments are designed to ensure you have everything you need, and nothing more. They’re for people who want to live well with less stuff and spend more time with whānau and friends. The environment also benefits because as we consume less and share more, we decrease our collective environmental footprint.


There are twenty coliving apartments ranging from studio, one bedroom and two bedroom on the top two floors of Collett's Corner. Each person will own their own apartment and 1/20th of the total shared areas. Each apartments has its own bedroom(s), bathroom(s) and kitchen. The shared spaces include the patios and roof terrace where residents and guests can mingle, relax and take in breathtaking harbour views. 

Apartments are currently for sale. Find out more:

What is

Co-living is a way of living for people who value community. Many people’s first thought when they hear co-living is that people will have to share everything – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Each resident has their own private apartment with its own unit title. Another misconception is that people are responsible for each other. This is not the case – people who live at Collett’s Corner are responsible for taking care of themselves.


To live in a co-living development one needs to be willing to share some things and willing to meet with and get to know the other residents. We have developed a co-living agreement to outline how owners will make decisions together, resolve conflict and conduct formal meetings. You can anticipate as little as one formal meeting a year and no more than one informal gathering a month. All informal and formal meetings will be up to residents to organise and host.  

Live easy

The apartments are intentionally designed to provide the private space you need in a way that means caring for your home is easy. Compact and beautifully designed, each apartment provides comfortable independent living space within a small physical footprint. 

Live local

On your doorstep is the lively village centre of Lyttelton set on the stunning harbour of Whakaraupō. The local area is known for its beautiful natural setting and abundance of choices for outdoor adventures. An eclectic mix of cafés, shops, bars, music venues, restaurants and the Saturday farmers market are all located within a short walk of Collett’s Corner.

Live well

Collett’s Corner is designed to strengthen relationships, support wellbeing and live in a way that respects our environment. At the heart of Collett’s Corner is a focus on wellbeing, promoting a balanced lifestyle and offering shared spaces for rest, relaxation, interaction and connection. The bottom two floors of Collett’s Corner will be home to Ūkaipō, a wellbeing sanctuary.

Live together

While everyone owns their own apartment and has space for personal privacy, the building also provides places for people to gather. The patios between apartments are designed with plantings, seating and shared laundry, providing opportunities to meet your neighbours. The roof terrace provides cooking facilities, large tables for dining, lounge areas and an open mulit-purpose area for meditation, movement practices or sunbathing.

Information package

An introduction to Collett's Corner and the co-living apartments. 

Price list
Of available apartments and each apartment's name. Each apartment is named after a local, native, medicinal plant. 


Meet the Residents
Get to know the people who'll be calling Collett's Corner home.

Questions & Answers
A register of the questions we receive regarding the apartments and answers to them. 


Building Plans

Three interior colour scheme options, the outline specifications and the exterior colour scheme.



Taken by a drone at each level and in each direction so people can see what views they would have from the various apartments.

Co-living agreement
Which outlines and protects the collective rights, while the body corporate protects the individual rights.


Body Corporate - Required under the Unit Titles Act 2010.

  • Rules - These are typical of apartment buildings and in place to protect the individual rights.

  • Draft budgets - This is an estimated total of the body corporate fees and a breakdown by unit.

Car share programme

Explains how the car-sharing will work. 

Resource consent - March 2020


The current land titles.

Draft sale and purchase agreement - 2019 edition

  • Further terms: The conditions of sale and purchase.

  • Unit titles: The indicative unit title plans. The final unit titles are completed by a surveyor once construction is completed.

  • Pre-disclosure statement​: Prepared by the body corporate agency

Completed by JLL 26 January 2021 

Rental appraisal
Prepared by Ray White Lyttelton April 2021

"Those different layers of what you do during your day and your off-time, when you sit down and think about it, that helps define what you are looking for in space. Collett’s Corner ticks every single box I’m interested in. Pretty close to the central city if I want to go there, but I feel like I’m embedded in my own community space."


Meet the Residents

Nicky & James

"We’re one of those couples that is quite opposite in almost every way. James is a citizen of the world and I have my roots really deeply embedded here in ChCh. I’m really excited to see a new part of it."


"I’m looking forward to the simplicity, not having to take care of so much, and having everything I need so close-by. I love thinking about the market being downstairs from my bed, the coffee shop being a stone’s throw away, and the hills and sea being right there to play in."

"I think in this world, when you've got skills that you can contribute, it’s nice being able to share those. You take it for granted that everybody has the same ability and skills but, of course, we all have our own unique skills and people are not often aware of those. And to be able to share those as a community I think is really quite nice."

Lucy, Richard & Ella-Rose

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