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A place to relax

At the heart of the development is Ūkaipō, a holistic wellbeing sanctuary offering a carefully curated range of traditional and contemporary healing modalities. Ūkaipō means Mother, origin, source of sustenance; to return to one’s real home. The vision for this atea (space) is to return people to their truest sense of self. Its offerings and accompanying surrounds will give the community a place where the best in mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and family wellbeing can be found. 

The lower level will be where people can come to bath, enjoy mirmiri or relax in the sauna and steam rooms. This is a place to restore ones energy and heal from the daily challenges.

A place to meet

The ground floor offers a lively mix of spaces designed to attract and connect a wide variety of people. It features open-plan seating areas, a restaurant for locals to meet and eat around long communal tables, a boutique shop with a focus on wellbeing and a concierge desk. A shared courtyard and public laneways act as bump spaces where people can arrange to meet or rely on chance encounters. 

Ūkaipō Investment Opportunities

Ūkaipō will raise capital through three stages. The first two stages will be private due to financial regulations and restrictions. Their third raise will be public and will launch later this year. To stay informed please sign up to their pānui:

Ūkaipō Wellbeing

Chelita Kahuitianui o-te-Rangi Zainey

Manaaki Mama Chelita Kahutianui-o-te-Rangi Zainey (Waitaha/Ngāpuhi/Ngāti Kahu) 

Chelita will be the Kaiarihi/Director of Ūkaipō. She has a background in Māori healing/Rongoā Māori; Teaching and Events Management  . Chelita is currently assembling a team of practitioners, if you are interested please get in touch.

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