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Project Team

Collett's Corner - Governance Team

Raf Manji - Director

Shareholder Elected

Raf is a multi-disciplinarian with a background in finance, governance, strategy and risk. He is currently working with the Christchurch Foundation as an Independent Advisor supporting the victims of the 15th March terror attack. He spent two terms as a Christchurch City Councilor from 2013-2019. As Chair of the Finance Committee, his main focus was the Council's financial position and insurance settlement, as well as its post-earthquake strategic direction, risk management and engagement with Central Government. He has also been involved in Local Government working groups on Funding, Risk and Localism and the Central Government Working Group on Trade for All.

Raf spent 11 years trading global markets and providing high-level macro-economic advice for investment banks in London. In 2002, he moved to New Zealand and has since been actively involved in governance, strategy and social enterprise. He has worked with the Volunteer Army Foundation, Refugee Resettlement Services, Christchurch Budget Services, Pillars, Ohu Foundation and the Christchurch Arts Festival as both a volunteer and board member.

Camia Young - Founding Director

Project Steward

Camia is passionate about building 21st Century cities. She believes that the future of cities will be defined by their ability to create places of connection and belonging. Since moving to Christchurch she has been involved in several community minded initiatives including Ohu (Office for Holistic Urbanism), Exchange Christchurch (XCHC), Te Pūtahi: Christchurch Centre for Architecture and City Making, the Gap Filler Pallet Pavilion, and Studio Christchurch.

Before moving to New Zealand, Camia practiced as an Architect in Europe with OMA in Holland and Herzog & de Meuron in Switzerland and worked on several large scale civic projects and urban master plans.

Today Camia serves as a Trustee on the Hillary Institute board, the Ohu Foundation board, and she is the Founding Partner of Ohu Development Ltd, Founding Director of Collett’s Corner Ltd and Founding Director XCHC Ltd.

Ohu Development - Project Lead

Camia Young


Barry Grehan

Crowdfunding Steward

Vineet Chauhan

Financial Analyst

Persephone Singfield

Project Consultant

Project Team

Legal and Accounting

Parry Field - Property Advice

Kris Morrison

Steven Moe


Fairground - Accounting

Anthony Rohan
Renee Pinnell


JLL - Valuation

David Hargreaves

Mike O’Connor


Pitcaithly Body Corporate

John Pitcaithly


Leon White Design

Leon White

The Copy Room

Laura Griffiths

Shea Creates - Videographer Shea McKenzie

Narrative - Public Relations

Erin Jackson
Sophie Smith
Robert Henderson

EA Curation - Experience Curator
Erica Austin

Eoin Hudson - Visualisations

Engineers and Planners


Novo Group - Planning

Jeremy Phillips
Lisa Williams

Emily McDonald

Rhys Chesterman


Engeo - Geotech

Greg Martin


Structex - Structural Engineers

Will Lomax
Adam Walker


Design and Build

Foley Group - Architect
Rob Campbell

Rob d’Auvergne

Armitage Williams Construction
Ben Harrow
Nic Todd
Jimmy Percival

Construction Workshop
Keeley Pomeroy

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