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Collett's Corner is wrapping up.

The site is for sale.



Collett's Corner is a building with a difference. Its purpose is rooted in the Lyttelton community it serves and is supported by hundreds of people across Aotearoa who collectively own it. Since inception, the project has been shaped together with the community.

This is your chance to be a foundational part of Collett's Corner.

Do you wish to live here?

Do you want to buy shares?

Are you a wellbeing practitioner?

If you answered yes, join us!

Four key purposes

Cultivate Wellbeing
The community has spoken: Collett’s Corner will be a home of wellbeing. At the corner of Oxford and London Street will be a place where one can retreat to look after their mind, body and soul. A place where one can meet and share meaningful moments with others, while tending their own wellbeing. A balance of contemplation and camaraderie to help us grow from good to flourishing.

Work Together

Collett’s Corner has been co-conceived, co-designed, and is co-owned by many. Working together is a way to create relationships, build trust, grow compassion and ultimately create a place where we see ourselves reflected and where we feel we belong. Collett’s Corner will support each person as an individual while connecting them to the greater whole.


Own things together
Collett’s Corner provides a way to distribute wealth more fairly and begin to close the inequality gap that divides our society. We call this ‘Compassionate Capitalism’ – enabling many people to make a little, instead of a few people making a lot.

Inspire Others

Collett’s Corner unmasks the challenges of property development. Shining a light on how a community can purchase, design, gain consent, own, share the returns of and inhabit a place. We want to inspire others to conceive of and invest in what gets built in their towns and cities across Aotearoa.

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