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Collett's Corner is wrapping up.

The site is for sale by deadline private treaty. 
Closing 31st July 2021 at 4pm.

Site for Sale


Are you interested in purchasing the site?

The process we will use to sell the site is as follows:

Step 1
Have a good read of the information package. If you’re interested in purchasing the site, contact us to arrange a meeting. We can answer any questions you may have about the site.


Step 2

Please either email or drop off your offer by July 31st at 4pm. You can email offers to Or you can drop offers off at either Parry Field's Riccarton office (1 Rimu Street) or Ray White's Lyttelton office (47 London Street) in a sealed envelopes.


Please note that the vendor may:

  • sell the property to any party in such manner as the vendor sees fit;

  • reject any offer even if it is the highest;

  • negotiate with any offeror to the exclusion of any others;

  • re-advertise for offers;

  • ignore any irregularities in the offer process;

  • at anytime before the deadline, extend the deadline for presentation of offers; and

  • reject all offers received as the vendor sees fit.

Step 3

The directors will identify a preferred purchaser and make a proposal to shareholders. Shareholder will be asked to vote to approve the sale because it is a major transaction. 

We welcome your enquires. For questions about the site please get in touch with Camia Young: or 021 1125 087. Please direct all questions related to an offer to Kris Morrison at Parry Field

Prime location 

In May 2021 the Directors of Collett's Corner Ltd made the challenging decision to wrap up the project. As a result we are selling the site along with the resource consent and developed design.

Arguably the best address in Lyttelton, this is a significant redevelopment site on a prime corner position. 

Deadline Treaty Sale, closing July 31st at 4pm 

Information package

Sale and Purchase Agreement & Further Terms

To make an offer please fill in this S&P Agreement and include the further terms.

An information memorandum about the site. 

Resource Consent - March 2020


The site is comprised of two titles.

Building Plans​

Tenant Fit Out for Ūkaipō Wellbeing Sanctuary - June 2021


Survey - December 2020

Geotech Report - February 2021

Banks Peninsula Zoning & Lyttelton Design Guidelines



Contact Details 

The full design team has expressed an interest to continue the project should a developer want to pick up the design and carry it through.

Brick Drain Information

A heritage brick drain runs through the site. These are the files from the Council on the drain. It is possible to build over the drain, an application to the Council is required.


Archaeology Requirements (Register of Consultants)

The foundation of the former Empire Hotel remain on the site, if these are excavated an archeologist would need to be engaged to be on site during the excavation. 


Rental Appraisal - Prepared by Ray White Lyttelton April 2021

REA Property Guide

A useful guide to buying and selling property for reference.

Questions & Answers

A register of the questions we receive regarding the sale of the site and answers to them.