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In 1911 Collett’s Chemist opened on the corner of London Street and Oxford Street  in Lyttelton. Appropriately, with a nod to its rich past the building has retained the name Collett’s Corner.


To many local people, Collett’s Corner is part of Lyttelton’s heritage. Although looking very different now, it is a special place for the Lyttelton community and a fitting tribute to the Collett family.  David Collett qualified as a pharmacist in 1908 and opened the chemist shop, concocting many of his own remedies at the pharmacy - Collett’s Cough elixir being a fine example.

One of their sons, JB Collett, (James Bruce, but regarded as Bruce) qualified as a pharmacist in 1944 and went into partnership with his father in the business.  Bruce then took over the business in 1949.  In 1954 the original building was demolished and a new structure was erected on the site which included the chemist shop on the corner and three other shops.  Bruce retired in 1990 as a pharmacist and also sold the pharmacy.  

Bruce Collett along with his brothers and sisters and his own children were all born in Lyttelton and educated Lyttelton Main School.  Bruce became Mayor of Lyttelton in 1958 which is a position he held for 18 years.  Bruce passed away at the age of 92 in 2012 and Barbara passed away at 2014. Their children and grandchildren still live in Canterbury. It seems fitting that we are now creating a wellness centre for whole body health on the original Collett’s careness site.



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