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What is

A new kind of living - coliving is an innovative way of living for people who value community. The central idea behind coliving is to live with purpose by building an ecosystem of support and collaboration. For Collett's Corner, coliving mean people will live separately in their own apartments, but enjoy some shared facilities such as laundry and the rooftop terrace. These shared facilities mean residents will have a lower ecological footprint as well as more opportunities to meet and engage with other like-minded people.

We have designed our residential apartments on coliving principals because, at its core, Collett's Corner is a place of connection and community. We aim to create a more equitable and sustainable future - one that supports wellbeing, strengthens relationships, and respects our environment.

While an apartment at Collett's Corners will provide more opportunities for meeting people and growing connections, there is no requirement to live communally.

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Discover how to step out of your door into a world of colours and life that surrounds Collett's Corner.

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